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Road trip to Wantage

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Today was a good day – apart from having to get up early to get the house ready for yet another viewing…

Lady P was back at work today, after a week off moving between stately piles.  It has been a beautiful day here in West Berkshire and our Hungerford office was part of the Tutti Day celebrations, a time honoured event in the Berkshire town that is quite random and silly and celebrates Hocktide

One of our colleagues was Tutti Queen, so Lady P and I donned our sunglasses and put the roof down on her nippy sports car and commenced a road trip to Hungerford and then onto Wantage (we did actually have some work to do as well and photos to take!).

Anyway it was a lovely day – save Lady P’s driving. Bloody scary, think that her Chauffeur usually drives!


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