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Back in time for Christmas

A Mooooory Christmas!

Ok, so I have had a huge sabbatical from this blog.  Apologies to Nate, and a heartfelt thanks for actually noticing.

Since starting my new job, full time and commuting, the week is never long enough and the weekends are way too short and have far too many chores to complete in them. Although I must admit that I am loving my job, the two casualties to this are blogging and a severe photograph deficiency. I aim to change ALL this in the New Year. She says.

This is my last day in work (officially) before the Christmas break, although I do have to work a bit in between, it is my last ‘official’ day!

I was laying awake at 3am this morning, worrying about the 6kg joint of beef that is filling the bottom shelf.  I then promptly forgot to take it out of the freezer this morning, before I left for work. I have searched online and indications look like a 2 day defrost period – I am supposed to be cooking this mother on Christmas Eve . Mmmm.  Yes the joy of christmas entertaining is upon me.

From tomorrow we have guests arriving and we have a house full (13 people, a baby, 3 dogs) for three days.  I am really looking forward to it – we have stores and food in to feed treble that number so I don’t think we will starve… It’s just the thought of the dishwasher and logistics of it seemingly always being a meal-time over christmas I worry about.

All presents (bar about 3) are wrapped, I have to get back from a snowy Oxford this afternoon and start the bedding recce and tidying, before going for my annual late-night supermarket raid for the groceries.  All enjoyable.

Maybe, just maybe, I will post some more christmas musings about the beauty of a true family christmas fest.

But… have a fabulous festive time and a truly happy and prosperous new year…. Nate 😉

Right. Back at it.

Long weekend break over… too much excess but it was nice to get away and have Fish n’ chips from the infamous Magpie Cafe in Whitby on Friday after a nice beach walk (but bloody cold)

Chicks on the beach

Saturday we went into Yarm, a charming town and had a mooch and coffees

Fin relaxing after his choccocino and read of the Times

Drove over the downs this morning to collect the dog from the kennels (yes, I drive a long way to a ‘posh’ kennels, as he is by boy) and the snow storms and blizzards were amazing!  I skidded about and had visions of being rescued by a (tall) jockey on a priceless racehorse, but with my fabulous driving skills I negotiated said Downs and Blizzards and made it back to Newbury (distinct lack of snow pah!) and to work by 10.30am.

Nine days in and I’m Hank Marvin

NINE DAYS! and I am not skinny. WTF?! Porquoi?

Started at 11 stone and was 10st 11lbs on Sunday (weigh in day) not bad but Stu has lost about 6 lbs. Bloody easy for men huh?

I have been really good and not cheated. Only three vodka/slimlines at the weekend and no crap. No wine since 10 days ago, no chocolate and no crisps, no taramasalata.

Bought Davina Fit with Beth on Sunday and have not been able to walk properly since – although am going to do it again tonight when I get in.

Supposed to be booking flights for Spain this week – don’t know if we should go if we are moving – may suggest we go camping instead!  Am sure that their father will be taking the girls somewhere exotic…

Apparently more snow forecast for tonight… we’ll see. (They said that yesterday)

This was Beth last week in the snow

Snowing in Newbury… well kinda

Since leaving Aberdeenshire, snow down here is a real non-event and really annoying how a few cms means that everyone has an emotional freak-out or break-down.

Seriously, schools closing when there is 2cm of the stuff that will be melted by break time?  Lazy teachers? Health & Safety gorn mad? It is so crap.  Traffic chaos because suddenly people cannot drive or realise that the conditions *may* affect their stopping distance or viz? Please.

Last day of the school term today. Woo hoo. Beth went to horse of the year show yesterday and managed to get on sky tv. Thank fully there was no horse shit on her Uggs as I had feared.  She was a bit tired this morning but praying that her school was *not* among those pathetic closures, she has a treat day and also presents to give out so she was adament that she go.

Ellie is finishing early and then going to the cinema with her friends. Maybe having a sleep over at a friends, but it sounds like the friend has not actually asked her parents yet.  Oh memories.

Still have a fair few pressies to buy, but on the whole almost there with the xmas shopping. Going into town tomorrow with the kids and the parents so that will be interesting!  Also got a house viewing ‘crazy’ aren’t I! tomorrow afternoon which is a renovation project so not getting hopes up too much and it may be a blessing if it is pitch black at 4pm.

Finishing work at 1pm today to walk dogs with Cat and have a catch up.  If your ears are burning between 1.30pm and 2.30pm then you’ll know that we are bitching about you.

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