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Middle week slump

I do really avoid trying to sound like a whinger. (no, really, I do)

This week is just blah.  Mundane dull weather, not even the excitement of snow that everyone else in the UK is bored of.  Just grey, wet and nothing-ness.

One thing that has been good this week, however, is the Olympics. I have really enjoyed coverage of sports that I have only ever flicked by before.

Seeing Sean White win a gold medal – in jeans – I mean? How cool?

Best sports kit ever

All those men in lycra, showing their lunchbox, sequin and satin in the Ice Dance rink and the all in one body suits with sun glasses that makes them look like the fly? It’s about time there was some style – even if its grunge central. I loved it.

Although @serialfrenchies burst my bubble and told me that the kit manufacturers are actually using the ‘proper’ sports material and just making them look like jeans.  I simply pretended that she hadn’t said that and continued to think of them being smelly, stained jeans with a few burn marks.

Curling?  I’m gradually hooked – our wee lassies crashed out last night to Canada and the fact that Swiss bt Germany (I *am* lodging a conspiracy complaint to the IOC).  But I think the Men’s are going to be on tonight so by that time, I will be over it.

Ski Cross? Hilarious and dangerous!  But can’t escape that it looks like me skiing (unintentionally) although I am usually screaming in terror and trying to grab any other skier that comes into my path.

The shock news of the night is that it actually started snowing in Vancouver! What are the chances?

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