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Oh yes! It’s the weekend…

And we come to end of a very normal week in my world.  The end of the month – February 2010, it’s been emotional.

It’s pay day, and it’s even ‘Dress Down Day’ at my work – a Solicitors firm – I, of course, have rebelled and cheekily donned an old pair of flaired cords, that my DD commented on this morning ‘You do know that cords are so not in fashion Mum?’ With said cords, a pair of CAT worker boots (complete with steel toe caps – you *do* know how competitive TKMax is when they’ve had a delivery of new stock?) which are 4 years old! Almost vintage worker chic darling.

Anyway, I digress.

My weekend will consist of thus;  tonight housework, laundry marathon (which continues until Monday or the Washing Machine dies) intermittent tweeting, cooking the ever faithful Thai Red Curry with green beans

Which I love because its quick, simple but with the essential tweaks that make it that bit better than anything other than authentic Thai – Nam Pla and Palm Hearts.  I heart it. (bear in mind I eat a 2 man portion in under 5 mins)

My faithful weekly fix

I will also attempt to attack the ironing mountain that I have avoided eye contact with for well over 2 weeks.  Does this make me slovenly or a domestic nonchelant?

Tomorrow, I am painting my chimney breast.  Yes, all of it. Be still my beating heart. Walking the dog, and generally doing chores/food shopping and all other things that are making this blog such an entertaining and enthralling read.

Sunday I shall read papers, drink nespresso and then cook Sunday lunch for my parents.  If anyone read this blog, I would at this stage ask for a straw poll as to which I should cook… as no-one does (by choice) I will not.

In summary this week can be tagged as * domestic boredom * dieting failure and * depressing weather * slight blip of Olympic entertainment.

In fact, signing up for ‘Words with Friends’ has been a highlight.

How much more proof do you need that I am in the middle of an exceedingly boring and mundane existance?

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