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Really? Toilet Paper envy?

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Had a fantastic time playing with my new toy when I got home last night! I am officially in ‘lurve’ with my iMac (keep wanting to call it an iMax, but that’s a cinema, right?)  Oooh its so big and shiny, it makes my work pc look so dull and mundane.

Had a lovely (but chilly) evening walk with Hamish – taking pictures and playing with all the different settings and flash thingies. I also took some self-portraits and also fell over in a field while doing them. Ages since I had muddy knees.

Yes. It's Grass. But it's Wild Grass.

I have managed to get quite a lot of not very important or interesting work done today…

Tonight I must do some housework, really.  Girls are home so I won’t get a look in on the iMaxMac – but Masterchef is on and I do love a good gossip about Pudding Face and Hamster Cheeks while they are on.

Shameless last night. Excellent line. ‘You had me at I’m a twat’. Genius.

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