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My ten guilty pleasures

I probably have a lot more than ten, but these are the only ones I am prepared to share with you.

  1. Big pants. There. I’ve said it. Big high pants. Cosy, tummy flatteners and actually, I did read somewhere that some sexy actress always wore them… maybe I am not alone. (and when I say Big I mean the shape, they are still pretty colours and fabrics, they are not grey with failed elastic.)
  2. Tweeting while I am in the bath drinking tea.
  3. Casualty. Not the place, the programme. I love it. I have even recorded it. I can’t watch the staged accident happen and cover my face, but its a Saturday night staple for me.  Even with Charlie walking round with that confused look on his face all the bloody time.
  4. Phil Collins/Genesis – yes I know. *hangs head in shame* But I like about eight of his songs.  While we are on the embarrassing music vibe, I also like a bloody good sing-a-long to Barry Manilow.  
  5. I have also bought clothes from Supermarkets – and worn them, to death.  I have just purchased the Gok Wan at TU jacket thing.
  6. Candles. I am a bit obsessed with good candles. Smelly, but not sickly, I have my christmas stash already growing in a cupboard and I almost ALWAYS buy one when I go to TKMax. I hate to think how much I have spent on candles and then burnt them. You won’t believe how cheated I feel if they turn out crap too.
  7. I have tried to avoid food until now (being on a diet) but I do love taramasalata and ham sandwiches. I have also been known to eat taramasalata and marmite. And I was not pregnant.
  8. I am a closet reader of both Piers Morgan and Liz Jones’ diaries. Not only are these both in the Mail on Sunday, but I actively seek them out. I don’t know whats wrong with me before you ask.
  9. Also I enjoy OK magazine. I am that trashy. I have just grown out of Heat though. Sadly I have greatly enjoyed reading my mum’s Woman and Home now ….
  10. Mrs Doubtfire – I just cannot watch this film enough. I am never ever bored of it.

Valentines In·dif·fer·ence

No, it’s not going to be another Anti-Valentine Vigilante blog post.

The kind of which, rubishes the way other people go googly for it in a big way. I read those and have a chortle, but I also don’t mind if people DO valentines. Horses for courses.

I am just indifferent, unconcerned and apathetic about the 14th February.

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8 things I hate about business tweeting

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Aside from my personal tweeting, I am the resident Tweeter at my place of work. (Sounds a bit DJ’ish huh? – its not.) Work tweeting and personal tweeting are polar opposites – apart from my outgoing, funny, friendly persona seeping into my work tweets (naturalement). And yes, using Tweetdeck has *almost* landed me in deep trouble a couple of times. *cringes*

I tweet for a professional service business (not a euphemism) and of course I have set myself some guidelines, or rules if you wish.

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Tweets Sweet and Sour

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I have thinking about what I like and dislike about Twitter.

I started tweeting in earnest in October 2009, and in that time I have attracted 600 followers, have chosen to stalk follow over 550 tweeters and have tweeted over 10,500 inane musings.

Predictably, I began my twitter life with the immortal tweet…. ‘Trying to work out what this is all about…’ Oh, what a sad newbie I once was! *laughs with a gay tinkle*  But even more sadly, I don’t think my tweets have become any more interesting after 10k plus practises!

I recently thanked/mentioned @mediocre_mum for her help in ‘getting me launched’ by introducing me to some of her lovely followers, at the stage that we tweeted, I really was clueless and follower/followee poor. Which really makes Twitter kinda pointless.  As I have said before Twitter is all about WHO YOU FOLLOW.

I can’t really explain why I follow who I follow.  What I do know is, that among the hundreds I do follow, none of the über followed Twitter-Super-Stars are followed by me.  Ashton, Demi, Oprah, Britney et al.  All those with mega followings – even the British Twitter King, Stephen Fry, are not followed by me.  Again, I don’t know why, but following the masses per se never appeals to me. In fact it deters me. I don’t have anything against these celebs, I do follow some celeb tweeters,  but they tend to tweet as normally as Joe Public and indeed engage with mere mortals as well as their fellow celebs.  The informative @mashable is the most greatly followed tweet account that I follow – and that’s purely because of content and not Pete Cashmore (although I am sure that he is a lovely bloke.)

I love Twitter for a number of reasons;

  1. You can make new friends and meet people – I have new genuine friendships and have had ‘real-life’ meetings with people I have met through Twitter. I have met more people locally, than I would have done, connected with people internationally and have also been roped in to raise money for charity and take part in the Moonwalk this year with a twitter friend and her family.
  2. It is a genuinely amazing feed of information, breaking news, goss, footie scores and advice from fellow tweeters, news feeds and companies. I can’t total the times that I have heard breaking news through Twitter before the conventional methods. Sometimes its a bit off-beat, but a few searches normally either confirms or dispels the early tweet breaks.
  3. Watching a favourite TV programme with twitter in hand can make me belly laugh.  Mass observations, shared reactions and downright catty comments make it a must for many of my fave programmes.  Like having your mates round to watch it, without having to get dressed or make them drinks. (by dressed, I mean presentable not *actually* dressed, I do wear clothes watching tv on the sofa).
  4. It fills boring downtime – waiting for the train, long journeys, lunch breaks or simply laying in bed/bath.
  5. Your follower/friends can offer a smile, support and sympathy when you have had a crap day, or have something you are excited about to share.
  6. Great advice/help from people who *know* things – we went to Brighton for the day and I tweeted about some places that are ‘must-do’s’ on the way down in the car. By the time I had arrived, we had a planned itinerary and locally recommended dining venues from @nikkib, who I had not tweeted with before. The Thai restaurant was fab.
  7. I have won prizes through Twitter too!  Not only a t-shirt from the amazing @chasingvegas, but also over £200 worth of racing tickets and cocktails from Mahiki Nightclub at @NewburyRaces! Definitely appreciated!
  8. There are no annoying kids on Twitter! Yey! They are wrapped up with Facebook and MSN and long may it continue!
  9. I love Twitter because it’s not Facebook – none of those crappy Farmville, ‘populate my goldfish tank’ crappy games and shitty quizzes, thank the lord.  FB has one good use – sharing photos with children, and other strange people who don’t ‘get’ Twitter or Flickr.
  10. It reinforces my theory that people are funny.  There are a lot of genuinely funny, grumpy and caustic people out there that are amazingly witty. I love them.
  11. That there is an UNFOLLOW button and a BLOCK button. Simples.
  12. That its relaxed, you don’t have to get back to people in a certain time limit – it’s strictly when you’re on, you’re on…

Me and Lady P at the Twitter Mahiki Winners Races

In comparison, the things I don’t like about Twitter are less in number and matter even less;

  1. Tweeters who tweet the same old, everyday, every week, same old moans, groans. Yeah we get it.  I don’t mean the odd ‘off’ day or rant against something that has annoyed – it’s the same old moan about the same old thing that drives me to hit ‘Unfollow’
  2. Diva strop and attention seeking ‘no-one is talking to me, I’m misunderstood, I might as well leave…’ = *pushes button* UNFOLLOW
  3. I love a good debate, but when people get spiteful and nasty,  ‘PUSH THE BUTTON’ – It’s ONLY Twitter!
  4. How addicted I am – it’s truly ridiculous.
  5. How it is IMPOSSIBLE to describe why I do it and why I love it. Bloody impossible.

So in a nutshell, I loves Twitter, I truly do. There are some great tweeters I admire and some genuinely funny and unique tweet accounts that make me laugh out loud… most of them I have listed under imaginatively named lists such as ‘Make Me Laugh’ and ‘Worth a Follow’

I’m @emmersimms – if you’re not tweeting then don’t worry about it, if you are and we’re not following mutually then please drop by. (but leave the diva fits and moans at the login).

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