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Back on the market

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I have finally made a decision and put my house back on the market.  This is good news but also heralds the start of manic tidying/cleaning and hiding things that viewings demand.

Last time my house was on the market, one viewer (who went onto offer the asking price) came SIX times to view. Yes, six.  Twice with the agents, once to meet with me about her ‘concerns’, once with her mother, once with her Uncle and again with her mother.  By that time I was ready to give her an ultimatum at the door. I guess you can guess the jist of what that would have been.

That was along with another 4 viewers all in the space of two weeks. Do you know how hard it is to keep a small victorian 2-bed semi with a dog and a cat and two messy children tidy and clean?  No? I’ll tell you. VERY. I started with fresh cut flowers and the nespresso on loop, but by the end of it, I nearly left pants on the floor and an overflowing bin.

Why do I make such a fuss? (taking at least an hour to tidy and clean before each visit – and a mammouth initial 3 hour splurge before the first viewing) I have viewed many houses in my time, and no-one makes that effort for me – unless I’ve seen a show home. Other people must realise that I can see through their un-packed food shopping, toilet rolls strewn over the toilet floor (in puddles?) and non-made beds and empty coffee cups in the bedroom… not to mention what I have seen in bathrooms…

The scrubbing re-starts

Why can’t I give others the benefit of the doubt and allow them to see through my ‘lived-in messy chic’?  Because I can’t.  I have watched the horrible Anne Maurice on the styling house programme and let’s face it – it’s not rocket science to stage a house to sell it. Over sized furniture, clutter, bad paint jobs, damp, stained carpets, half-finished DIY?  A complete no-no. As is showing your house yourself.  No-one’s gonna tell you they have made a monumental mistake when they walk through your front door out of British Politeness.

Always get the agent to do it, and this always helps me take the dog out, who’s seven stone and very eager to be every callers best friend and lap accessory.  Not the best sales message.

Now all I have to do is wait for the calls and emails to set me off with my flash wipes and glass cleaner.  And of course pray that little Miss Six-Views is not still looking for a compact but tres stylish 2 bed victorian semi.

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