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Right. Back at it.

Long weekend break over… too much excess but it was nice to get away and have Fish n’ chips from the infamous Magpie Cafe in Whitby on Friday after a nice beach walk (but bloody cold)

Chicks on the beach

Saturday we went into Yarm, a charming town and had a mooch and coffees

Fin relaxing after his choccocino and read of the Times

Drove over the downs this morning to collect the dog from the kennels (yes, I drive a long way to a ‘posh’ kennels, as he is by boy) and the snow storms and blizzards were amazing!  I skidded about and had visions of being rescued by a (tall) jockey on a priceless racehorse, but with my fabulous driving skills I negotiated said Downs and Blizzards and made it back to Newbury (distinct lack of snow pah!) and to work by 10.30am.

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