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In which Mrs Merrick lets me down

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Well arrived at work to find that Mrs Merrick (a.k.a J) had been signed off work by Docs after her morning appt, been given a script for hard-core anti’b’s and been told she should be resting. The weight of the growth on her face (coldsore no longer a viable description of it) means that she can only stand for about 30 minutes and sit up for an hour max.

More importantly (to me) this means that we are not going out celebrating tonight, and I have to go and eat food with Stu instead. Am going to visit Mrs Merrick in a short while to check for myself and take a few pictures! (I am all heart, me).

This afternoon I have decided not to work and to make it an afternoon of choices.  This does not bode well as I am the Queen of Indecision (crowned in June 1986).

I have to decide on the following:

  • Foundation – which brand? I am a brand whore, I am currently Chanel’s bitch, but I am thinking of swapping. I did ask for suggestions on Twitter, Gill offered Lancome and @baxterglen offered Homebase or B&Q. Ha ha.  So, on the final decision is between; Clarins (always bores me half way down the bottle) Dermalogica (I usually balk in case I get addicted to ALL their products and become destitute) Lancome OR Clinque again… although Clinque was my teens and twenties and I think I should move-on. It’s not them, it’s me.
  • Moisturiser & Toner & Cleanser – the old 3 step to gorgeous skin.  Again Clinque is great but disqualified through over familiarity. Clarins scores highly here – and again I’m afraid that I’ll get addicted, ditto Dermalogica – I MAY have a look at Lancome for this though…. OR go back to Boots and buy the Dr Lowe stuff that’s been good and adds points to my Advantage Card? (and at the end of the day I know that none of these are REALLY the answer as I need to stop eating crap, drinking alcohol and not drinking any water whatsoever – but they are nice to have).
  • Mothers Day Present – can’t buy smellies and bathy stuff as she has ten tons of the stuff.  May buy flowers but they annoy me as so over priced –  jewellery I have bought loads for her recently (well, you know, bdays and christmas – not just randomly) or buy some stuff and put in a nice box from TK? Choices Choices…
  • Where to eat tonight?  Thai? Usually.  The one in 5 minutes walk or the one (that I haven’t tried yet as its) 15 mins walk through town?
  • Where to go for a massive long walk tomorrow? I am thinking White Horse Hill or Ridgeway – you decide (as long as there’s a pub en-route).
  • When to get cooking, cleaning and shopping done if I do the aforementioned this weekend? (am at Mother’s Sunday all day to celebrate the coming from her loins thing).

So, dear readers, you see that being a normal 30 something, mother, housewife and great friend/daughter/gf means that on a daily basis I have to not only keep everyone’s life in order, eat, drink and entertain, I also have to make numerous soul-searching decisions. (and write sentences like that, that should be deleted as it contained 5 commas, crap construction, grammar and inane content.

I don’t think so. I know you like me just the way I am. Barely literate, but tries hard.

Right – camera charged – am off to laugh at Mrs Merrick.

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